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blue skater dress

As the summer is not ending yet I was thinking to look after some more dresses. I must admit that  I am a fan of dresses only when it cames of special moments so as weddings, parties or a special event and this summer was a busy one. I had a lot of friends that married this summer, after this I  was at a great festival, Untold in Cluj, then I had a bussines party with my boss and now more weddings are coming plus some parties on the beach. So I’ve started to look after some new awsome dresses and finally, after one night of long searches I finally  found an amazing site called . It’s one of those sites where you can lose you’re mind over the products and especially spend all you’re founds without any regrets.

So as soon as I’ve discovered this site I couldn’t get out of the internet before I choose something great from it. The products were amazing and first I’ved searched for a blue maxi dress which I can use at the beach. I was thinking that a dress like this would be perfect for a trip on the beach when is a little bit cold or when I need to buy something from the city and I don’t want to travel in a swim costume. So I’ve choose one beautiful dress, in colour blue because I love that colour and I want to look like the sea.

Trendy Lace Panel Flounce Skater Cocktail Dress BLUE L

After this I’ve looked after some blue skater dress that will fit perfect on me and would be great for a wedding as I don’t wanna look to old or mature. So it was easy to find something great at a nice price because the site is actually what I was searching for so much time.

So after I’ve choosed my beautiful dresses and I was sure that I would get them in time I made the order and my products were there before I was expecting. I was happy that everything was alright and that I could join my vacation. I can say that just saved the rest of my holiday and made me feel beautiful and prepare for every party I’ved joined. It was the best choice ever and I would deffinetly buy again from it, it made my dream come true.

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