Just one Halloween outfit from Dresslily

Hey! Today I will present you one of my halloween outfits from dressily.com. Of course you can make many various outfits on you’re taste but I think that this Dresslily outfit will keep you sexy and comfortable for haloween and I just love it.

So the first product that will fit my outfit is this Halloween Skull Knitting Tunic Cardigan which I found very comfy and interesting because of it’s Halloween design. Also I love it because it keep you warm in the autumn nights and also it’s very fashion. You can use it for the Halloween party without any regrets and you can choose from various colours to fit it into you’re outfit.

Halloween Skull Knitting Tunic Cardigan - WHITE/BLACK 2XL

The second product is a Long Sleeve Pumpkin Print Sweatshirt which I choosed because it has the pumpkin design exactly as the cardigan. Also it will bring a little colour in my outfit and the shoulder design will make my outfit look more sexy. You can find it also in different colours and the material looks very comfortable so you can be yourself and have a great Halloween.

Long Sleeve Pumpkin Print Sweatshirt - BLACK L

The third product is a pare of High Waist Distressed Jeans which will bring a rebel look to my outfit. I love the cut design which is really in vogue and the material which looks really nice and ready to wear. High Waist Distressed Jeans - DEEP BLUE XL

The fourth product are these beautiful, sexy Hidden Wedge Suede Ankle Boots which will make my outfit really sexy and will give me some confidence because we all know that some taller shoes are always welcome in a womans life. Also the design is really interesting and the material is very nice. I think that they are perfect if you have a night out or just a bussines date so you can feel sexy no matter what. Hidden Wedge Suede Ankle Boots - BLACK 39

And the last product and the most interesting is this Preppy Owl Pattern and Stitching Design Satchel For Women and I found this very nice because of it’s owl design which make it interesting and scary at the same time. It’s also nice because you can use it even if it’s not halloween and also you must not make any problems about the amount of things you need because it is big enought for everything. Also the material looks very nice and make you sure of it’s needing. Preppy Owl Pattern and Stitching Design Satchel For Women - BLACK

So if my outfit looks nice for you and I just made you curious than I invite you to visit dresslily.com and find a nice outfit for halloween or for any day you want because you won’t be dissapointed.




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