A new Dresslily wishlist!

As I promised you in the previous article, I now want to introduce you to the second part of my wishlist. From the title you can see that these products will also be on Dresslily. This site has completely conquered me many months ago, and soon I will tell you more in some review articles. So you can see real pictures of the products.

The bathing suit above conquered me from the beginning especially because she and the kittens have it. I’m sure you already know that I’m crazy about cats, but that’s all the reason I chose the suit. I also liked the color, which manages to hide the defects of my body.

The second item on my list is the dress above. I like the model because it is suitable for this time of year. I already had such dresses and I already know that they fit well on the body, so there are no reasons why we should not have such dresses in the wardrobe. Plus I have to admit that I want to wear more dresses this year.

Just because I want the dresses above I chose the above model. He inspires spring and warmth, and the flyers manage to conquer me completely. Being very colorful, we can quickly associate it with almost any pair of shoes.

Also, besides clothes, I also need more accessories to associate with the outfit. The first accessory that attracted my attention is the above chain, it is very interesting especially because it gives the impression of several chains.

Also on my wish list came the earrings above. I find it attractive and the hardest is to choose one color of the above. They are very similar to handmade earrings from us in the country, but the price is much lower.

Here are the new arrival: https://www.dresslily.com/promotion-pre-spring-sale-topic-82.html?lkid=19774147

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