Floral long sleeve romper on Zaful

floral long sleeve romper

 The autumn  is here but as the warm days are still here I was thinking to buy me some new close in an original way that combine the summer warm days with autumn coldy days. So I thought that the best clothes for that are the rompers because they keep you away from the cold but are perfect also for the warm when they are not too long. And so I’ve started to look after some floral long sleeve romper that can keep the summer memorie salive but also keep me warm in the autumn days. So I’ve found this amazing site called zaful.com that has really beautiful clothes with good quality and the best prices.  

Floral Plunging Neck Long Sleeve Chiffon Playsuit

After  I took a look at all the beatiful clothes Zaful offers us I finally decided to search for my beautiful rompers and I wasn’t dissapointed. The rompers we’re so beautiful and the design we’re actually what I was looking for. You could choose between a summer look with flowers on, or a elegant romper that will help you shine in the darkest days of autumn. But even so no matter what you choose they will keep the summer on .

So after long searching and after I checked all the products I decided to buy two floral long sleeve romper that are great for a walk at the sea or for a day out with my girls. The first romper I’ve choose  a Floral Plunging Neck Long Sleeve Chiffon Playsuit – Green  that will keep the summer memories alive for some time now on. Also it is perfect for a walk at the beach or for a day out.

Cross-Over Collar Long Sleeve Floral Playsuit

The second romper I’ve choosed is a more elegant one  and I love it. I can say it is perfect for a romantic dinner but also for a party or a day out. So I choosed this See-Through Lace Splicing Long Sleeve Playsuit – White Xl to make my autumn more interesting and to give it a little bit of light .

In a few weeks my products we’re here so I could enjoy them in my own way. I was very  satisfied about them and I couldn’t feel more better as then. Now I’m ready for autumn and in the same time I can party as the summer never gone.

Want to be the more fancy in this summer? Just do it!

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